Question #1: Define Environmental Literacy

Please help us understand your thoughts about the NH Environmental Literacy Plan by leaving responding to our questions with your thoughtful comments.

“This first question is going to ask you to do some forward thinking.  We would like to know what life looks like when you picture an environmentally literate community?  Use your imaginations.  Think about the different aspects of that definition of environmental literacy.  What would we see happening?”

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2 Responses to Question #1: Define Environmental Literacy

  1. Robert Schroeder says:

    I look at this like a stone landing in water; it makes circles out from the point it enters the water. The back yard is the first place and then you start out, using what you’ve learned by studying what’s close and acquiring more knowledge as you broaden out. If you hike that will be ‘up’ too. Since this topic is a life time study, ‘Literacy’ is not what you know, it becomes an antennas up attitude about the environment as you participate in the world.

  2. Mary jensen says:

    I would encourage the broader thinking encompassed in “Sustainability” as represented by the three pillars: environment/economics/social justice to inform the overall plan. Environmental literacy in the context of the social and economical impacts are as important as the environmental information itself.

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