The NH Environmental Literacy Plan is ready for public review and comment

For the past two years, the NH Environmental Literacy Working Group has been working on developing New Hampshire’s Environmental Literacy Plan.  The Working Group is consists of members from NH Environmental Educators, NH Children in Nature Coalition, organizations and individuals. The Environmental Literacy Plan serves as a component that creates a pathway for achieving statewide environmental literacy and is a required element for federal funding based on the pending No Child Left Inside Legislation.  The group conducted surveys, forums and focus groups to gather input from a wide variety of people around the state.  It is now time for public review of the document.

You can review the complete plan on the Draft NH Plan Tab  on this site.

The NH ELP Working Group is seeking comments on the proposed plan.
The New Hampshire’s Environmental Literacy Plan presented here is an organized framework  ensuring environmental literacy for all people outlined by the six Key Areas of the plan. Key Areas 1 and 2 ensure that environmental literacy activities address state education goals and are aligned with student graduation requirements. Key Area 3 focuses on the need for professional development to assist teachers and school districts. Key Area 4 considers the assessment of Environmental Literacy, and Key Area 5 addresses implementation and funding. Finally, Key Area 6 stipulates that environmental education opportunities be provided in schools and communities.

The Committee would welcome your comments on the following:

1.  For each of the six key areas, consider these questions when developing your comment:

  • Are the short, medium and long term outcomes achievable?
  • Are there additional approaches or strategies that should be used?
  • Are there additional partners that should be identified?

Also, please make a general comment about your thoughts on the overall viability of the plan.

Leave your comments either respond to this post, or visit our Public Comments tab, and leave one there.

The deadline for submitting comments that will improve the plan is September 1, 2011.

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2 Responses to The NH Environmental Literacy Plan is ready for public review and comment

  1. MOMwithAbrain says:

    Looks like you are pushing Agenda 21 via the UN. I suggest watching the youtube video on Agenda21 for dummies.

  2. Teacher says:

    This is illegal to be sure…. politics needs to stay OUT of education!

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