NH Board of Education Endorses the NH Environmental Literacy Plan

New Hampshire

Environmental Literacy Plan

Environmental literacy requires an understanding of the natural world and the capacity to interpret environmental systems. An environmentally literate citizen can make informed decisions about the environment based on scientific, aesthetic and ethical considerations while bearing in mind the interconnectedness of the social, cultural, economic, and political systems.

Whereas environmental literacy is gained through an interdisciplinary approach to education that employs hands–on, place-based and inquiry-based learning experiences in order to understand the environment as a whole, and incorporating a number of content areas, environmental education uses real-world experiences, giving students a chance to explore the matters at hand to gain experience investigating, defining and creating solution to issues;

Whereas  learning about and from the environment encourages outdoor activities, which improve both physical and mental health;

Whereas  this type of education encourages students to get involved in science, technology, engineering and math;

Whereas  environmental education also increases overall student engagement and motivation leading to improved academic achievement in all subject areas

Whereas  the environmental literacy plan was developed through a participatory process led by New Hampshire Environmental Educators and the New Hampshire Children in Nature Coalition involving four state agencies, twelve non-profit organization, four universities as well as input from the public;

Whereas  the NH Environmental Literacy plan provides an organized framework to ensure environmentally literacy for people of all ages;

Therefore be it resolved that on this day, the 18th of April, 2012,
the New Hampshire State Board of Education hereby endorses the New Hampshire Environmental Literacy plan.

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One Response to NH Board of Education Endorses the NH Environmental Literacy Plan

  1. Chuks Ndulor says:

    It is heart warming to know that at last a bold step has been taken to show that somewhere the environment is cared for. If only countries in Africa will cease making excuses and start formulating policies to encourage genuine love and concern for the environment. Environmental literacy is a tool that brings about improvements of man and his surroundings.

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