NEEEA Board Member Needed to Represent New Hampshire

Are you interested in working on the NEEEA Board and representing New Hampshire?

The official expectations of board members are listed below.  Basically, they four meetings and four conference calls each year.  The meetings are on a weekday from 10am to 3pm in a central New England location, which is often in NH or MA.  Everyone must participate on at least one committee.

New England Environmental Education Alliance

The mission of the New England Environmental Education Alliance (NEEEA) is to promote quality environmental education across New England in partnership with the state environmental education organizations. NEEEA provides regional professional development opportunities, recognizes exemplary environmental educators and programs in New England, provides current EE information and resources to educators in the region, and assists state EE organizations’ growth and development.

NEEEA’s Work

The 6 New England state EE organizations support the work of the NEEEA board by hosting the conference, which is the primary means by which NEEEA raises funds every year. The money raised by the conference covers the basic costs of running the organization.  The many hours put in by board members are all volunteer. The board strives to be supportive to the state running the conference, providing the basic framework, while also working on region-wide projects and capacity building. In return, environmental educators throughout New England benefit from the following NEEEA activities:

  • A yearly conference (with some conference scholarships available)
  • A bi-annual State Organization Leaders’ Retreat
  • A bi-annual Administrators’ retreat
  • Recognition of outstanding educators through annual awards
  • A website and email listserv that serves the New England EE community
  • Networking and information sharing between the organizations in the region and state boards
  • NAAEE representation for New England
  • The electronic publication of NEJEE

NEEEA’s Values

  • NEEEA is a forward thinking, unique, multi-state organization committed to practicing and promoting effective change towards a healthy, sustainable world.
  •  NEEEA embraces diversity, inclusion, unity and collaboration by reaching out to individuals, organizations and other professions for a common cause.
  •  NEEEA values high quality Environmental Education and promotes professionalism and work place equity, bringing increased public value to the field.
  • NEEEA operates with integrity, honesty and humility and demands accountability to our mission and the six state organizations we serve.
  • NEEEA engages joyfully in hard work, which is good work enriched by community and connection to the environment.

Board Member Expectations

NEEEA has a very strong tradition of operating with a working Board of Directors, augmented by volunteers from the host state for each conference. The following are important expectations for participation on NEEEA’s Board.


Attendance at quarterly meetings is the most important aspect of participation on the NEEEA Board. NEEEA Board members are expected to attend all meetings. A schedule of meetings will be determined months in advance. Every member of the Board is a leader in our work, and therefore has a premium on time. It therefore is not acceptable to miss meetings because of anything less than poor health or an emergency. We ask current and prospective board members to gain an understanding of this commitment with their employer before joining the board, and to plan work commitments to allow full participation on the NEEEA board.


The axiom that all non-profit board members must provide at least one of the following:

Wealth             Wisdom           Work

is somewhat skewed for NEEEA. We expect every board member to provide just a bit of the first – some sort of financial contribution, at any level – and lots of the second two. If we looked at a chart of the work being done by the board, it should be reasonably even, especially over the two-year term(s) a board member serves. Everyone is expected to take on tasks and projects.


For NEEEA and, in fact, EE in New England to thrive, the board must conduct itself with the highest level of professionalism. We must balance the fact that participation on the board is a volunteer commitment with the reality of our status as a working board. We must be the model for all state boards and for our profession. To that end we agree that we will:

  • Treat every board member and program participant with respect.
  • Cultivate an atmosphere of possibility and positive momentum in our work.
  • Be honest and act with integrity in all of our dealings with NEEEA and its programs.
  • Bring patience to strong differences of opinion.
  • Allow for levity in the midst of doing good work together.
  • Share our passion for EE.
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