Registration for the NEEEA Better Together Summit is Open

October 24-26, 2014  –  Pineland Farms  –  New Gloucester, Maine

Download the  Summit Program Guide

Register for the Summit

  • Collaborate for a Resilient World
  • Strengthen our Collective Impact

Together we will inform, inspire and foster innovative collaborations among organizations and leaders from many different sectors and endeavors. Do you work for environmental literacy? Science education? Land conservation? Community food security? Outdoor recreation? Environmental justice? Resilient communities? Do you seek to enhance the relationships among people, nature and communities? Our work may not look the same, but you know we are all inherently interconnected. Your participation will help make us better together.

Join the New England Environmental Education Alliance and the Maine Environmental Education Association at Pineland Farms, in New Gloucester, Maine. Twenty miles north of Portland, Pineland Farms is a 5,000-acre working farm, business and learning campus, and an inspiring venue for outdoor education and recreation.

  • Come and strengthen our connections and find common ground
  • Learn powerful new strategies for impactful collaborations
  • Celebrate the sum of our parts
  • Foster innovative partnerships
  • Create robust pathways to environmental literacy.

Better Together Summit Features

  • Over 45 workshops on topics such as collaborative strategies, community partnerships, engaging new audiences, environmental psychology, climate change education, advocacy, organizational development, and many more.
  • The Better Together Innovation Lab – an intensive, all day session for leaders, program innovators, and everyone who wants to take part in developing new ways to strengthen our impact through collaborations, alliances, and networks.
  • Keynotes and other plenary activities, as well as eye-opening and provocative ideas from all Summit participants.

The Better Together Summit is for you if:

  • You want to learn how to create a better world through teamwork, partnerships, and collaboration
  • You want to hear ideas about how education and learning can help us reach a healthy, prosperous, and sustainable future for all
  • You teach children, adults, and families about environmental knowledge and skills to help create and sustain healthy communities and the environment
  • You use science to promote learning about the natural world, its systems, and all its inhabitants.
  • You support learning that enhances innovative thinking, academic achievement, and skill development for the 21st century
  • You want to join an open dialogue with practitioners, innovators, administrators, researchers, and funders in exploring collaborative strategies to increase environmental literacy and its impact on attaining healthy, vibrant communities

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