22 March 2016

A brief discussion was help regarding the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.  There are still many unknowns, the rules are currently being written on the federal level and the budget has not been authorized.   It will be coming down as a block grant to the state and then the state will determine how it will be distributed.   20 % of the dollars are to go to those things identified as a well rounded education which not only includes environmental literacy but also includes STEM, art and music and a number of other programs.  There have only been very preliminary discussions on the ESSA at the state level.

Other things happening on the state level is the revision of the NH Science Frameworks, they will probably include many of the things we see in NGSS. At this point it looks like 70% of the districts have been moving towards NGSS implementation.  Doug is convening a group who will work on this.

As the group interested in the Environmental Literacy Plan, we need to make sure that we make sure that the plan is not forgotten and that there is a group of people in the state for whom this important.  We need to strategize how to make sure that support for EL is in the mix of what becomes eligible for funding under ESSA.  ESSA implementation is scheduled to occur in the 17-18 school year.

Its important not to overlook funding opportunities that are currently available that are with the Education Title programs.  We do need to see how the EL Professional Development Collaborative can help position the idea with districts as the funding will probably go through the districts.

The NH Environmental Literacy Plan was endorsed in 2012.  Since that time there have been a number of changes.  It was decided that the plan needs a refresh, especially the introduction because of things that have happened since the plan was completed.


Subgroup to update introduction; Correlation of NAAEE to NGSS;


Discussion about Environmental Literacy Professional Development Plan


Audrey is going to be talking to Kevin Peterson at NH CF regarding availability of funding the plan.  She will let us know of the results.

The Water Education Plan folks are using a GIS program to spatially locate programs that are working on water education and offered to help with this aspect of locating programs on a map with a database form behind it that will include some standardized information similar to what was in the old Mountains to the Sea Directory NHEE had.

The common calendar is set up and can be used.  Member Organizations are encouraged to send him a representative with a Google Account, with whom he can share the calendar.  This person would be responsible for updating the calendar with their organization’s professional development opportunities.


A subgroup will work on the linking the common calendar and GIS map together.  This will begin to fulfill one of the implementation items in the  plan.

A brief discussion about the current EPA grant was held. We should consider applying for one of the larger grants next year.


A sub group will think about this and  begin to put together a collaborative group to work on the idea to be ready next year.

There will be a check in for the group at the NHEE annual Meeting on April 14 at NH Audubon-MacLane Center in Concord.