29 January 2013

Advocacy/Implementation Group

Reviewed December Minutes

DOE & Green Ribbon Schools

–          should get on Judy Fillion’s schedule and meet with her on ways to help

–          applications submitted to DOE by interested schools

–          build bridges with Jess Morton’s connections at DES

–          use PLT guidelines for becoming a Green Ribbon School

–          push from No Child Left Inside

–          need to be cautious that initiatives such as green ribbon does not dilute the limited resources of the ELP implementation effort

 Association for the Advancement of Sustainability (STARS program)

–          for colleges and universities

–          8 boarding schools including St. Paul’s has done their own assessment and is building a platform for entering data

  • maybe other boarding, day or public schools in NH would be interested

Other Organizations and Groups

Discussion about the wide variety of “environmental school programs” out there and whether one is better or if we should be promoting one over the other

“Reach outs” to environmental centers around the state – hey this is happening…do you want to be part of the process?

–          make a pamphlet or brochure that can go out to these locations (Stan)

  • people can take these out to all their contacts/networks
  • aimed at helping us implement the plan

–          Organizations

  • Harris Center – Alicia (did she start a list of discussion points?)
  • Beaver Brook – John
  • Tin Mountain – Andy
  • Prescott Farm –
  • Cooperative Extension –
  • NHSTA –
  • Nature’s Classroom Sites –

Marketing Banner

–          some corrections and changes made

–          some word-smithing required?


EE Capacity building program (all New England States)

–          NH needs to select 3 non-traditional EE people (3 from each state except 6 from MA)

  • Local farm owners?
  • Farm to table person (farm to restaurants)
    • The Republic Restaurant in Manchester
    • Local foods Plymouth network
  • Pediatrician
  • Corporate Partner – EMS
  • Transportation?
  • Dick – Merrimack Valley Greenway Trail
  • Keene a transition town…someone
  • UUU minister
  • Rick Silverberg – Caring Community Network of the Twin Rivers

–          There will be 3 gatherings of these people to be “trained”

  • Listening session: a gathering of ideas about the connections between all of these sectors

NEEEA Board Member Vacancy

–          environmental education background

–          need someone from “at large” to represent NH

Connecting with Universities, Colleges – Accreditation standards

  • would like the 600 standards to include environmental education standards

Higher Ed programs should include opportunities for teachers in training to review and understand the importance of environmental literacy, and that there is a state plan that they should consider when developing projects and lessons.

  • bring to Council of Teacher Education and maybe Professional Standards Board

If we can find an advocate to support this on the CTE, we could have a champion to help incorporate these ideas into the 600s.

  • “you should require teacher training to include environmental literacy”

That’s the basic message we want to promote:  There should be a requirement for teaching and understanding environmental literacy in teacher preparation programs.


 Environmental Literacy Collaboration Ring

Environmental Literacy Google Group: nhelp@googlegroups.com

–          when sending elp related emails also send to google group

–          try to get other interested teachers, educators, non-traditional people to sign up for the group

–          Join the group now!

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