The NH Environmental Literacy Plan

New Hampshire

Environmental Literacy Plan




A Collaboration of:

Environmental Literacy Plan Working Group

New Hampshire Environmental

New Hampshire Children in Nature Coalition


NH Department of EducationEndorsed by the New Hampshire Board of Education
18 April 2012

2 Responses to The NH Environmental Literacy Plan

  1. Lisa says:

    I wonder why early childhood education is not mentioned here? It is known that children develop a love of outdoors with experiences that they have prior to age 5, and that the outdoor environment is essential for children’s physical and emotional health. However, your document appears to only address K-12. Is this an intentional ommission? I would urge you to consider the connections that can be made intentionally through early childhood programs as the professionals working with children zero to five have a significant impact on the experiences of young children before they reach public school.

  2. Rachel Brown says:

    New Hampshire’s E.L.P. is ambitious and attainable. The strategies outlined are specific and reasonable. I agree that every school should have an outdoor classroom to facilitate meaningful field experiences and outdoor learning. The plan includes strategies for assessment, funding, and a multidisciplinary approach to environmental education. I support the plan, and feel that by working together as a community, N.H. can achieve the long term goals in the next 15 years.

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