New Hampshire Environmental Literacy Plan Collaborators

New Hampshire Environmental Educators

The mission of NHEE is to advocate for high quality environmental education in New Hampshire and to provide environmental educators with a forum for networking and professional development.

NHEE logo“Founded in 1979, New Hampshire Environmental Educators is the state professional organization for people working and/or interested in environmental education. NHEE is dedicated to promoting, supporting and improving environmental education in New Hampshire and providing professional support to its members. NHEE is a non-profit organization whose members include environmental and conservation educators, classroom teachers, students, administrators and others.”2

New Hampshire Children In Nature Coalition

The mission of the New Hampshire Children in Nature Coalition is to foster experiences in nature that improve physical and emotional health and well-being, increase understanding of and care for the natural world, and promote stronger connections to community and landscape; and providing a forum for continued collaboration by Coalition participants and others.1


Since 2007, the New Hampshire Children in Nature Coalition has been working actively to connect families to the outdoors. The Coalition’s individual members as well as twenty-two working partners including nature centers, health organizations and state agencies, are dedicated to encouraging families to spend time outside to increase physical and mental health.

photo credit:  JGBaribault